Hallo Movie-ment friends,

in these months of silence so much has been happening, including two film/fieldwork in Indonesia and Ghana for the Together for Mental Health project (funded by UK ESRC GCRF and lead by Erminia Colucci). You will find the outputs in this website when ready but in the meantime you can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (look for Together for Mental Health or @Together4MH).

In the meantime, the sequelae of Breaking the Chains planned for last week in London had to be cancelled because of the pandemic (sigh!) but fear not…we went digital as for everything else right now and we are happy to announce the ONLINE PREMIERE “Breaking the chains: Anto’s story” next Tuesday. Please see the flyer for info, sign in here if interested and feel free to share, the system we are using can take up to 3000 people! The film will also be available on this website after we launch it.

We still plan to have a live premiere in London when we are finally able to be close to each other again, in the meantime we wish you all the best self-distancing weekend you can and take care!UGMLaunch-31Mar2020!