One’s man journey

Watch Mic Eales’ video essay about his arts-based approach to understanding suicide in his ‘One’s man journey’

To know more about the Inspired Lives project featured in this essay, visit the Inspired Lives page in this website. You may also read about Dr Eales’ work in the following resources:

Eales MJ: Different Voice, Different Perspective: an arts-based and evocative research response to original voice narratives of suicide. (Doctoral dissertation, Southern Cross University). 2013. Reference Source

Eales, M., & Colucci, E. (2017). A vibrant living process: Art making and the storying of suicide. In K. Andriessen, K. Krysinska & O. Grad (Eds.), Postvention in action. Gottingen/Boston: Hogrefe 

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Life and art, part two: Talking with Erminia Colucci

Exhibition And tomorrow comes again 

A Visual Enquiry Into Suicide

Mic Eales’ video essay ‘One’s man journey’