Visual storytelling in global mental health event and GCRF grant for next films!

A 44 min version of Breaking the chains will be screened on the 22nd Nov as part of a visual storytelling event organised by LSHTM in London. For more information click here and tell your friends!

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have supported Breaking the chains throughout its making (including crowdfunding donors!) and to screen and distribute it, including the Royal Anthropological Institute which is now the official distributor of the educational DVDs and online versions of the film (BUY FILM HERE)

Your support and acknowledgement of the value of this work has contributed to help me and my team secure ESRC GCRF funding for the next ethnographic documentary project that will take place in Indonesia and Ghana, you can find more information HERE and watch this space for updates!

thanks and keep moving!

Erminia &



Screenings in Holland and Scotland

And after a very successful screening with panel discussion in the evening slot of the DUTCH GLOBAL HEALTH FESTIVAL in Utrecht on the 28th October, Breaking the chain is going to Edinburgh this Thursday for a free screening followed by discussion and reception organized by the Edinburgh Global Mental Health Network.

MORE INFO HERE and please share with Scottish friends who might be able to join in the movie-ment.

Rotary International Club awards a prize as recognition of Erminia Colucci’s work

On Friday 2nd June 2017 (Italian National Day and Republic Day), Dr Erminia Colucci (founder of Movie-ment) was awarded the 2017 ‘Martinesi nel mondo’ prize by the Rotary International club (Martina Franca section), for her contribution made on a global scale to the issues of mental health, human rights and violence against women and children as a researcher, lecturer, clinician, activist/advocate and film-maker.

The ceremony took place in Martina Franca town Hall and was attended by members of the public, police and government authorities and Rotary members. During the ceremony, Erminia gave an overview of her career trajectory and main achievements and showed a short-cut of her documentary ‘Breaking the chains’.

Three Screenings with discussion of Breaking the chains and official release of the RAI DVD in Paris and London this month!

This month, Breaking the chains is screening in London (11th and 23rd May) and in Paris (19th May). One of the London events will be the official release of the RAI DVD of Breaking the Chains, exciting! 

Please forward the links below to interested people in these cities, thanks!

London Screening 

London DVD launch

Paris Screening

Breaking the chains prize and nomination

Good news!! Breaking the chains has received a Rotary prize from Italy  and has been nominated by the Richard Werbner Award for Visual Ethnography for ‘works that explore the distinctive capacity of the film to complement and enhance anthropological knowledge communicated through text’ .

Thanks to all of you who have and are supporting this work, I hope to continue doing more work in this area, in Indonesia and the other several countries with similar practices, grazie!

Lived Experiences of Mental Health through First-Hand Films

finding our way title and quotecrop

During this event organized by East London Psych Film Club, Dr Erminia Colucci will be showing three projects where she used film as a participatory/collaborative method to create stories about lived experience of mental illness, suicidal behaviour and recovery.
Free entry till last seat is taken!

Venue: The Crown Pub (223 Grove Road, Victoria Park, E3 5SN). Upstairs (1st floor) in The ‘Paper Room’ at 7-9 pm