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The MOVIE-MENT  aims to use arts-based and visual methodologies to promote, support and ignite action and change, particularly in the areas of mental health and suicide prevention, and women/child/human rights.

The MOVIE-MENT is open to a variety of creative, arts-based and visual methods but is based, above all, on the use of ethnographic and participatory photo and film-documentary and digital stories as a medium of applied, activist and public research.

This website collects a variety of visual and arts-based projects by or in collaboration with the founder Erminia Colucci (see Contact).

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All donations will be spent on continuing the Breaking the chains series and towards the advocacy and educational activities for the defence of the human rights of people with mental illness, and suicide prevention. Thank you/grazie!

Current Projects

We invite you to navigate this website and check out some of the ongoing projects, UPCOMING EVENTS and to join our mailing list/follow the blog to stay up to date. The most recent completed project is the ethnographic photo/film-documentary project BREAKING THE CHAINS: HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS.

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