Instructions for Instagram gallery

Adding images to someone’s gallery is simple but there are some key steps to follow:

1.Follow the project Instagram page mindfulartscreativeexpression

2. Add your photo or video into your own Instagram account adding @mindfulartscreativeexpression in the caption

3. Click on your photo/video and select TAG PEOPLE, when asked ‘Who?’ type in @mindfulartscreativeexpression 

4. To verify that your post has correctly been displayed in the gallery you need to go here or click on the Mindfulartscreativeexpression Instagram page and then click this little icon to see all tagged posts
5. IMPORTANT: If you only caption but don’t tag the image with @mindfulartscreativeexpression, the new post will only appear in your own Instagram account and not in the Mindfulartscreativeexpression gallery, thus others won’t be able to enjoy your creations and expressions.