‘Breaking the chains’ at Indonesia Kontemporer, Global Health Film Initiative (London) and World Health Summit (Berlin)

The next month is going to be a busy month for Breaking the chains, has it gets screened and presented at the Indonesia Kontemporer in London on the 8th October 2016, the World Health Summit in Berlin on the 11th October and the Global Health Film Initiative in London on the 11-12th November. Spread the word!

Also, we want to see the film and this important and urgent issue to be represented also at human rights festivals, please help us to get Breaking the chains also in these programmes if you can!


Video of the engaging Q&A at Cambridge University

PROMISE (PROactive Management of Integrated Services & Environments) made a short-video of the very engaging and thought-proviking discussion following the screening of Breaking the Chains at Cambridge University. The audience brought up issues about low-resources, stigma and abuses but also the value of ‘touch’ (and the impact of its absence) in mental health care. You can watch the video made by PROMISE, with thanks to Dr. Manaan Kar Ray.