Italian version premiere of Harmoni: Healing together

The Italian version of ‘Harmoni: Healing together’ will be premièred in Rome on the 3rd December 2022 as part of Feel Mare: Cinema delle donne (Women cinema) organized by Eikon.

Free entry till full, please forward to others who might be able to attend and I hope some of you can make it!

For more info and to circulate the flyer:

Online launch of ‘Nbakom: A little medicine, A little prayer’

Together for Mental Health invites you to the online premiere of the ethnographic documentary “Nkabom: A Little Medicine, A Little Prayer” on the 24th March 2022 11am GMT

Nkabom: A little medicine, a little prayer’ is an ethnographic documentary filmed in 2019 in rural villages and towns in the central belt of Ghana. The film follows the activities of mental health nurses who are creating partnerships with healers in the communities where they work with the aim of reducing human rights abuses and improving the treatment of people with mental health conditions. The film shows how these partnerships develop, what makes them successful, and the challenges faced in negotiating the removal of restraints as well as accessing resources. The nurses and healers describe how they ka bom, join together, to reach the same goal of helping their patients to get well. WATCH THE TRAILER BELOW!

Free Registration available here!


Together for Mental Health

Video-recording of post-screening forum on ‘Creative and visual methodologies in mental health research’ at Wellcome Collection

On 18 October, Land Body Ecologies hosted the screening of Nkabom: A little medicine, a little prayer in the Forum of Wellcome Collection.

Nkabom is part of Together for Mental Health, an interdisciplinary, international collaboration between Indonesia, Ghana and the UK. Using visual methods, it explores examples of collaboration between mental health workers and pluralistic healing approaches and their impact on preventing human rights abuse and improving care for people living with mental illness experience.

Nkabom was directed and filmed by Erminia Colucci, principal investigator of the collaborative visual research project Together for Mental Health. After the film there was a chance to reflect on the processes of visual and creative methodologies between a panel of speakers thinking about sound and film as data. We had an insightful discussion with Dr Erminia Colucci (Moderator and speaker) and speakers Ben Eaton, Dr Lily Kpobi, Lilian Maina, Dr Ursula Read and Anto (Agus) Sugianto connecting with us both in the UK, as well as from Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya and Pakistan.

Together, we exchanged stories of mental health, the realities of collaboration between mental health nurses and local healers in communities, funding difficulties with mental health research, and more.


[From LBE Youtube Channel]

Together for Mental Health screenings in London

Dear Movie-ment followers and supporters,

we have been silent with our blogs/emails not for absence of activity but at the opposite because we were so busy with dissemination of past visual projects outputs and creating videos for new projects!

We are very happy to announce that the Together for Mental Health films are being screened at many festivals worldwide, where they have also won prizes including as Best Documentary last month!

After screening in Copenhagen last week, ‘Nkabom: A little medicine, a little prayer’ will be finally shown LIVE in London on the12th October at Birbeck Cinema at 6-8.30pm and 18th at Wellcome Collection at 3-6pm with Together for Mental Health teams’members,please click the links to register for your free ticket and we hope to see you there!

ps For regular updates on this project you may also follow our @Together4MH social media pages, in addition to the Movie-ment pages.

Limited Together for Mental Health film preview screenings

Ghana and Indonesia are two countries with continuing problems of human rights violation against people living with mental illnesses. Can mental health professionals and traditional and faith-based healers collaborate to prevent such abuse and provide humane care?

We share stories of these collaborations through two films made in Ghana and Indonesia, before their official premières. The films were made through Together for Mental Health, a visual research project with Middlesex University, Universitas Gadjah Mada, University of Ghana, and King’s College London funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (ESRC).


Keep following our webpage for future updates, releases and publications!


Dear Movie-ment friends,

while starting reviewing (and enjoying!) the submitted proposals for our Visual Psychology book and conference, we have re-opened the Call for Papers to include submissions representing all themes we envisaged (and beyond).

If you are a scholar and/or a practitioner/activist working in the cross-over of arts/visuals and Psychology (broadly speaking) consider submitting your proposal and please share with your networks. Submissions from all corners of the world are welcome!

For more information and the submission link click here!

Grazie and Happy Easter/Passover/Eid!


We are inviting submissions for the FIRST handbook and conference in Visual Psychology with the working title of: 

Visual Psychology: Interdisciplinary  arts-based and visual research and activism in Psychology

This book and conference aim to establish Visual Psychology as a specific area of research and public engagement bringing together scholars and activists to share their learnings. 

We have approached the publishing division of one of the world’s leading Universities who have shown interest and have requested a full book proposal with abstracts from each author. We have therefore launched this call for papers for this book and for a connected (free) conference.

Please consider contributing to this vision by submitting your 250-300 words abstract and/or by sharing and posting this INFO and submission link, thank you!

Premiere of three Together for Mental Health Participatory videos in Indonesia

The three winning participatory videos at the Projiwa Festival organized at Atma Jaya University in collaboration with UGM and Middlesex University as part of Together for Mental Health project have just been launched during an online Premiere with over 200 participants. 

Here the first prize winner’s film!

To watch all the other participatory videos, subscribe to our Youtube channel where we will be releasing also the other 8 films in the next few weeks, enjoy and share!

T4MH Team


Week 14 Light and Shadows

Welcome to Week 14 of Mindful Arts and Creative Expression, a reflective space where you can connect with yourself and express your feelings in a creative way.

Each week we will offer a theme or creative suggestion and will talk you through ways to feel centred and connected. We will be including a variety of art forms, for example drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry and rhythm/music. 

Remember, you do not need to have any previous experience or having taken part in any of the previous weekly activities so… turn on your audio, watch your video and start to mindfully create!

When you have finished, we invite you to share your responses as seeing others’ interpretations can create a sense of togetherness in these changing times. If you choose to do so, you can share your creative reflections with others on our INSTAGRAM @MindfulArtsCreativeExpression. Guidance on how to upload can be found HERE.

Enjoy the experience and we look forward to seeing the mindful creative outputs shared in our INSTAGRAM gallery!

We have really valued facilitating a space each week to pause for reflection and creative expression.   Much has changed over the last few months and as lockdown has eased and we are moving into summer, we felt it was time to stop for now.  Even though we won’t be providing weekly prompts for a while, if you would like to continue to share your own inspirations with us via Instagram, we would love to see them.  Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback we have received and for all the creative reflections you have shared with us, both on Instagram and elsewhere.  It has been such a pleasure and an honour to be with you during this time.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, please know you are and remain held in mind.

Be well and stay safe,

Jude & Erminia

If you are unable to access the audio, here is a brief summary:

Week 14-Light and Shadow

  • We have really valued facilitating a space each week to pause for reflection and creative expression.  Much has changed over the last few months and as lockdown has eased and we are moving into summer, we felt it was time to stop for now. 
  • As this will be our last week for now, we thought it might be helpful to spend the time reflecting and considering the concept of light and shadows, to reflect the changing landscape of our emotions.
  • Think about the concept of light and shadows and reflect on your feelings in relation to the last few months and how you feel right now. 
  • Check in with yourself and notice which emotions surface and if any shapes or colours come to mind, any tones or any words or phrases, or if an image starts to form. 
  • Allow yourself time to feel how and what you feel in the here and now and using any materials you have to hand, create whatever you are drawn to. 
  • Remember that it does not have to be finished for you to share it with others, all creative expression is equally valued.
  • If you would like to share your creative response with others, please share a picture of it on our Instagram gallery. Guidance on how to upload can be found HERE.
  • If you use photography, please remember to avoid pictures of identifiable people or places.